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New Book - Hedley the Hoglet of Sunbury Farm $24.95CDN (+ $15 Shipping)

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Looks Can Kill  $24.95 CDN (+$15.00 shipping)

The Quest for Kananaskis  $19.95 CDN (+ $10.00 shipping) 

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Val’s War London 1939-1945  $10.00 CDN (+ $7.00 shipping)

Mystery in the Attic  $19.95 CDN (+ $10.00 shipping)

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Hedley’s Celtic Adventure  $19.95 CDN (+$10.00 shipping)

Hedley’s Magical Adventure  $19.95 CDN (+$10.00 shipping)

The Hedgehog Who Loved Ducks  $10.00 CDN (+ $7.00 shipping)


Hedley Visits the North Pole  $10.00 CDN (+$7.00 shipping)

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