Valerie Walker

Calgarian, Valerie Walker, began writing when her first grandchild was born. The Adventures of Hedley the Hedgehog series are set in Britain and are suitable for children 6 – 9. Mystery in the Attic and The Quest for Kananaskis are time-travel historical fiction books for juveniles, 10 – 14.  Her latest book, Looks Can Kill is an exciting adventure novel set in Italy in 1956 and will be enjoyed by young adults and adults alike.

Valerie has been a presenter at the Young Writers Conference in Calgary, since 2016.  She is currently working on a prequel to The Adventures of Hedley the Hedgehog, which is a chapter book with beautiful full-colour illustrations.

Presently in 2020, Valerie Walker has released the long-awaited pre-quel to The Adventures of Hedley the Hedgehog, which is now available. HEDLEY THE HOGLET OF SUNBURY FARM

Cathy Albrecht and Elsie Archer - Illustrators for the Book - Hedley the Hoglet of Sunbury Farm 



Susan Waldie - Illustrator for the Book - Hedley the Hedgehog

Susan graduated with distinction from the Alberta College of Art and Design. She is a multi-media artist with extensive portfolios across Canada and the USA. As well as illustrating the books in the Hedley the Hedgehog series, she has written and illustrated Welcome to Earth a light- hearted look at new arrivals. She is currently working on a new project.

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