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📺✨ join us for a delightful interview with Valerie Walker as she shares the charming tale of Hedley the Hoglet of Sunbury Farm. Set on a picturesque farm in Wales, this enchanting story follows Hedley, a curious and adventurous hoglet, through his first summer. With happy endings to all his tricky situations, this heartwarming book is perfect for young readers and animal lovers alike.

🦔🌞 Valerie Walker, born in London and now a long-time resident of Calgary, Alberta, brings her love for hedgehogs to life in this prequel to her first book about Hedley the Hedgehog, written in 1998. Inspired by her countryside holidays, Valerie's stories capture the magic and wonder of these adorable creatures. Discover how Hedley's lively curiosity leads him on exciting adventures around Sunbury Farm. 

📖🔥 Don't miss this enchanting conversation on Spotlight TV with Logan Crawford. Valerie Walker will take us behind the scenes of Hedley the Hoglet of Sunbury Farm, revealing her inspirations and the joy of writing for children. Tune in for a journey filled with adventure, charm, and the endearing world of Hedley the Hoglet.

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